Friday, January 20, 2012

7 Quick Takes 1.20.12

1) After my wonderful experiences at Confession and Mass last weekend, I am looking forward to this Sunday's readings on repentance! I think I'll make it a weekly thing to reflect on the readings and/or homily.

2) Lucas has taken to calling Tyler "cupcake boy." We do not know where this came from.

3) We made the boys' first snowman earlier this week. I did most of the work, but Lucas helped with the accessories.

4) Then we had a snowball fight (mom vs. toddler, so nothing serious here). Tyler was just watching us and cracking up every time Lucas got hit. I tossed a couple onto Tyler's lap, and he laughed even more. I decided to take a video of it. My next throw hit Tyler right in the face, and of course he cried. I deleted the video. Not my proudest mom moment!

5) A couple days ago I opened my freezer door and found things thawing. It was a sticky, stinky mess. I was able to save the meat by putting it in our chest freezer (now stuffed), and a few things just went outside for the night, but a significant amount of stuff got thrown away. It was actually nice to part with the egg casserole, bags of mashed banana, freezer burnt tater tots, and random assortments of popsicles that were cluttering up my freezer. (However, none of the most common freezer problems are what's wrong with ours, so we'll be shelling out a couple hundred dollars to a professional next week.)

6) I bought myself a new pair of running shoes this week. Can you believe they were made in America?! They are New Balance, which I've never had before, but I'm not too picky about my shoes. I am hoping to start running again in March and run a 5k this summer (paying a registration fee will actually motivate me to run).

7) We stayed home every morning this week in an attempt to get Tyler on some sort of regular morning nap. He did okay as long as he couldn't hear Lucas. Then he would perk right up and not want to miss out on playtime. Unfortunately, this results in me turning on the tv to keep Lucas quiet and occupied for the 20 minutes it takes Tyler to fall asleep and put down without waking up. What do you do with your toddlers when it is baby's naptime?

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  1. I love "Cupcake Boy" - it makes me laugh. :)

    I also use the tv or have the kids color quietly. Sometimes the tv is on the news or a music station - something the kids won't watch but will help drown out the sound. I also lock L and B out of the nursery and turn on a lullaby cd in the nursery. I'm interested in what others do, too.